About the Vending Industry

Vending (or "Automatic Retailing" as it is increasingly known) has a long history.
The Greek mathematician Hero seems to have got the ball rolling in 215BC, when he invented a machine to vend holy water in Egyptian temples.

Vending has moved on since then, and today's sophisticated machines and services are technologically advanced and designed to provide top quality, hygienic and reliable service 24 hours a day.

Almost anything can be automatically vended, but the principal food and drink products are:
  • Hot and Cold beverages
  • Cold drinks in bottles and cans
  • Confectionery and Savoury snacks
  • Sandwiches and snack foods
  • Cook/chilled dishes (for heating in an adjacent microwave)

Other products include:
  • Cigarette Machines
  • Novelty Machines
  • Pre-Paid card Machines (i.e. cell phone cards)
  • DVD machines
  • Condom machines and Pharmaceutical items

Why Vending?
There are a number of obvious advantages to vending:

Convenience: Vended goods are available 24 hours a day and machines can be sited just where you want them. It does not go on leave miss the taxi or go sick

Time Saving: Vending machines are not only convenient they are time saving too.

Hygiene: Especially (with Hot Beverage Vending) you get a clean cup every time and avoid the chore of washing up china cups or worse still having dirty crockery hanging around all day.

Variety: Vending machines offer a whole range of different products. Drinks vending machines can offer not just black and white coffee and tea but can also make the drink weak or strong according to taste. Fresh Brew, Cappuccino and Chocolate drinks are also available.