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Members Code of Ethics

1. We will supply high quality service and products to the public at all times.

2.  We will, whether as manufacturer, seller or operator of machines, or as suppliers of products, use every means in our power to ensure that those machines with     which we or our customers are concerned are produced and operated in a manner that will both merit and inspire public confidence and will maintain an adequately trained staff for this purpose.  In particular we will use our best endeavours to see that such machines meet all reasonable requirements of convenience, safety and hygiene, comply with and are operated in accordance with the Codes of Hygiene Practice accepted by the Association and any statutory requirements, are properly maintained and are backed by a spare parts service to cover the reasonable life of such machines.  We will, if operators of the machines ensure that sufficient information is available upon the machine to direct the attention of the customer in the event of difficulty.

3.  We will, individually, make available to the Association any relevant information with regard to dealings of a legal nature involving matters of principle with local or national authorities concerning the siting or rating of vending machines including the taxation or labelling of products sold from vending machines, so that such information may be made available by the Chairman at his discretion and in such manner as not to be prejudicial to the individual interests of the original informant, for the benefit of other Members and so that a permanent fund of experience may be established for the benefit of the Association as a whole.
We will also, if within our powers, supply such information of a statistical or advisory nature as may be required by the Association from time to time but which shall be treated in confidence and not used to the prejudice of our individual interests.

4.  We will not engage in any form of selling, promotion, operation, advertising or publicity which, in the opinion of the Association's Committee, is likely to bring the use of vending machines into disrepute or harm the public image of the industry.
We will actively discourage, either jointly or individually, those concerned with advertising and sale promotion from being party to any such harmful publicity.

5.  We will take all possible steps to avoid becoming involved in lawsuits whose nature is likely to give rise to publicity detrimental to the expressed aims of the Association.

6.  In the event of a merger of our vending business interest with another undertaking or our acquisition of that undertaking's vending business interests, we will, on completion of sale contract, take action forthwith to notify the Association.  Any information that shall subsequently be made available for public knowledge as a
result of such merger or acquisition shall also be notified to the Association.

7.  We will advise and encourage all persons, firms and companies engaged in the industry to act in accordance with this Code of Ethics and to become Members of the Association.


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